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Keywords in Resume - Enhance the probability of being noticed

Let us make you aware of the fact that recruiters nowadays manage their recruitment process by automated measures. From numerous resumes related to distinctive profiles, the recruiter screens the appropriate resume by taking the help of Recruitment Software. The Software, just like search engines, perform an extensive search from the database of resumes and delivers matching results. For instance, if a Bachelor’s degree with 2 years of work experience is the criterion, resumes with words ‘Bachelor’, and ‘2 years’ will be the probable results.

To ensure that your resume is listed in the search performed by the Software, rely on relevant keywords. Though there is no probable set of keywords for every resume, you can take clues from the profile for which you are applying. Like Google, Software employed by the recruiter can also search for synonyms of the word being looked for. To find and include relevant keywords in your resume, you would need to-

  1. Be acquainted with the profile you are considering -
    Different titles can be used by different companies for the same profile. For instance, a company hiring for a Technical Content Writer can define this profile as Content Developer, Content Editor, Technical Content Developer, Content Writer and Editor, and Website Content Writer. You need to be sure that all these combination of words appear at least once in your resume.
  2. Recognize the demands of the employer -
    Study comprehensively the Job Requirements mentioned by the recruiter on the website or the job portal. 'Java Developer with 5 years of experience in developing ecommerce modules' – ensure including words 'Java Developer', '5 years', 'Domains handled-ecommerce' in your resume.
  3. Use a variety of words, and combinations in the resume -
    Repetition will constrain the visibility of your resume. You can write different, however relevant words, and combination of words. For instance, you can use combinations like 'PHP Developer', 'Development on PHP platform', and 'PHP Development' in different sub-headings. Plus, use different forms of a single word like 'Manage', 'Management', 'Manager', and even synonyms like 'Entrepreneur', and 'Entrepreneurship'.
  4. Conduct an extensive research -
    You can get precise information from the consultants who help the companies in their recruitment process. Plus, opt visiting the websites of various employers and understand their inimitable requirements.

Prior to being considered, you need to be assured of being in the picture. Keywords in your resume definitely play a significant role. Creativity and knowledge are your friends when it comes to building a perfect resume with ideal keywords.

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