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Your resume represents your skills and helps the recruiter in evaluating whether you should be considered or not. Impress the recruiter with a perfect resume that reflects your competence and places you on the top of the list of applicants. You may tend to insert some information so as to make an impact, however it may be irrelevant. Therefore, follow some uncomplicated tips enumerated below to ensure the efficacy of your resume.

The Do’s –

Be truthful-
Mention facts in the resume that you can prove. In case you make a false statement, you would risk your job.

Use bullets-
To be precise and clear, make an efficient use of bullets. The best possible manner to start a sentence in the bullets is with a verb.

Customize as per the profile-
Make amendments to your resume every time you send it to a prospective employer. When academic knowledge is a preference, write about your education prior to your work experience.

Follow chronological pattern-
While mentioning the education and work experience, ensure writing in chronological sequence starting with the most recent.

Remember inserting the Keywords-
Very often, the recruiters search for prospective candidates by using keywords. Make sure that you have researched the relevant keywords for the profile and have inserted them in your resume.

Limit your content in two pages-
The resume must be relevant and concise. Mention the facts which you believe will interest the recruiter. Unwanted explanations will not suffice any purpose.

Header on all pages-
The recruiter should not struggle in locating your contact details. To ensure ease, mention your name and contact number/s on the top of every page.

Give a little extra-
The sub-header ‘Other Skills’ can help you. Mention any short-term vocational training or language course that you attended.

The Don’ts

Do not copy-
You can refer to Resume formats, however avoid copying each and every word. Unless you develop your resume on your own, you would not be sure of what it includes.

Do not write lengthy paragraphs-
The recruiter wants a swift picture of your competence when he/she views your resume. Paragraphs are ignored. Plus, write the most vital information in the beginning.

Do not go beyond 5 bullet points-
Restrict the matter under every sub-heading in five bullet points. Start with the recent events first.

Do not prefer using acronyms-
The recruiter might not be aware of the jargon you use in your present organization. Be clear enough so that your application may not be turned down.

Do not try to be entertaining-
Don’t try to amuse the recruiter. This reflects your laid back attitude and does not sound ethical. Plus, ensure not using slang.

Do not mention age, weight, or religion unless required-
Your abilities cannot be assessed by your age or weight. Instead, focus on your skills and professional knowledge.

Do not reflect that you are over-confident-
‘I am the one you are looking for’. This is the last statement that you can include in your resume. Be realistic.

Do not mention your preferences-
You may not get all that you want. Be ready to sacrifice some of your preferences when you are applying for a job. Plus, do not leave an impression that you are too delicate to adapt to changing circumstances.

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