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Cover Letters with Resume

To win, you have to participate. Sending a cover letter with your resume will augment your chances of being noticed. The employers may pay no heed to resume in case they do not have any current vacant positions. This is where the cover letter can help you. It ensures that your application is entertained. Plus, you may be reserved for upcoming employment opportunities with the employer.

A hard copy correspondence is different from a mail message:
You may send your application / inquiry either though a mail message or a hard copy correspondence. Though both need to have a Subject Line, remember that in case of a mail message, an appropriate Subject Line ensures that the message is opened and read by the Recipient. However, Subject Line in a hard copy correspondence comes into the picture once the letter is opened. Subject Line is written after the recipient’s address block and prior to ‘Dear Mr.……..’

The Sender’s address block is under the name mentioned in the end of the mail message. Hand-written signatures are not required. However, make sure that you sign the hard copy correspondence.

To build an effective cover letter to support your application, know what exactly the essentials are:

Elucidate the reason of sending the resume-
You can begin with ‘I am writing in reference to your advertisement dated 2 May 2012 regarding the position for Human Resource Executive.’ Else, if you are inquiring about a vacant position, begin with ‘I am writing to inquire about any employment opportunity in your organization for the Content Writing profile.’

Mention the source from where you heard about the employer/position-
Tell the employer whether it was an advertisement in the Newspaper, or a webpage you visited, following which you are sending your resume.

Induce the recipient to take a look at your resume-
The foremost intention while sending a cover letter should be to convince the recipient to read the resume. Make sure that the format, language, and tone of your cover letter are convincing enough.

Project yourself as a worthy applicant and reflect your enthusiasm-
While sending a cover letter for inquiring about any vacant position, ensure that the employer preserves your message for future prospects. Show that you are motivated and passionate to with for the organization.

Never forget to specify that you will effectively follow-up your application-
Remember, the employer receives multiple applications on a daily basis. You can use sentences like ‘I am looking forward to hearing from you’; however the employer may forget even if he was impressed. You can say in the end, ‘I will contact your after 15 days to ensure that any further information you want is not missed.’

Be confident of the font style, and size in your correspondence-
Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri can be the font style. Though font size ranging from 10 to 12 is advisable, remember that 12-point Times New Roman appear smaller than 10-point Arial. While selecting the fonts, keep in mind that Serif fonts are considered more formal than Sans Serif fonts.

Know what exactly the distinct paragraphs of your cover letter should reflect-

Opening Paragraph-
Inform the recipient about the reason of writing (applying for a position, or enquiring about upcoming employment prospects). Plus, inform the source from where you heard about the position / employer. State that your resume is enclosed.

Second Paragraph-
You can elaborate the facts mentioned in your resume. Explain why you consider yourself apt for the position. Write about your qualifications in short as they are mentioned in the resume. Focus more on convincing the recipient to read your resume. Tell about the attributes of your personality that place you on the top of the list of applicants. However, avoid ironic statements. Also tell the employer why you are interested in working with the organization. You can support your application by saying that your past experience or academic background relate to the position / business line of the employer.

Closing Paragraph-
Try to impress the employer by writing that you are looking forward to an in-person meeting to elaborate and prove your skills. Also say that any other information, if required, can be asked for and you will be swift enough to respond. Indicate that you will follow-up your application by contacting the employer after 15 days. In the end, thank the employer for considering your application and reading your letter.

Cover Letters are sent with the resume in both situations – while applying for a position, or while inquiring about present / upcoming employment prospects. Ensure that your cover letter induces the employer to go through your resume. Your language reflects your personality; hence keep it simple yet impressive.

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