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Telephonic discussion is a smart way opted by the recruiters to narrow the list of applicants. Often held prior to in-person interview, this may be your very first point of contact with the recruiter. So, preparation will definitely help. Though you can handle phone calls efficiently, discussion with a recruiter regarding the job application needs precise care. Even a single unwanted word can turn down your application without giving you a chance to revive.


To help you deal with telephonic interviews effectively, some need-to-follow tips are enumerated below-

Practice a mock interview-
Take the help of any of your colleagues or a relative. Compile a list of questions likely to be asked and hand it over to your colleague/relative. Ask him/her to call you. Pick up the phone call believing it to be a call from a prospective employer. Answer the questions in an appropriate manner and ensure a proper closing. The most important – Ask for feedback on your tone, voice clarity, and promptness. Work on the flaws and ensure overcoming them in the realistic situation.

Keep relevant belongings handy-
You may be asked for any and every detail about you. To be prompt, have your resume along. To answer questions like your duration of work with the previous employer, or exact marks you scored in school/college, you can refer to your resume. Also ensure keeping a blank paper and a pen ready to note down details like address and time for in-person interview, and documents to be carried along.

Ensure a quiet place to interact-
Stay away from traffic and highly populated areas to listen to the caller accurately and to make him understand every word you utter. While at home, do not play music or turn on your television set.

Be polite and respond with brief yet relevant answers-
Your tone and answers are the only two decisive factors. Speak in a polite and an alert tone. You may sound restless if you lean on a chair while talking. Avoid this. Be attentive and respond with relevant answers. Do not interrupt the recruiter and answer only what is asked. Most important – Thank the person for his time and consideration.

Smile and do not smoke, eat, or drink-
Your tone will definitely impress the recruiter when you are smiling while talking. It also reflects your keenness and wins a positive point. To ensure that the recruiter is not disturbed with unwanted noise, do not eat or drink while talking. You may sound annoying if you smoke during the phone call. Plus, your attentiveness will also suffer.

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