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Non-verbal Communication – Does it matter

Not everything is judged from your answers. Your confidence, gesture, expressions, and appearance play an eminent role. The Interviewer assesses you on distinctive factors, some of which you may not care for. To fetch the job and prove that you are worthy enough to be selected, be prepared. Your assessment starts the very minute you enter the premises and lasts until you leave.

Hence, make sure that you portray a positive personality so as to outshine your competitors. Enumerated below are some easy-to-follow tips that will surely prove beneficial.

  1. Excessive perfume can be your enemy. The Interviewer may be allergic to strong smells. Use light perfumes in such situations. Plus, place a mouth fresher in case you had a smoke prior to getting into the premises. However, stay away from chewing gums.
  2. Opt visiting the washroom. You may mess up your hair, clothes, or shoes during your journey from home to office. Wash your face and ensure that your palms are not sweaty. Clean your shoes using a tissue and manage your hair and clothes.
  3. Respect the security staff and the Receptionist. Remember, every of your act is noticed. Don’t be rude to the security staff at the entrance and complete the formalities of entering the premises. Be cheerful when talking to the Receptionist and never forget thanking him/her for processing your application.
  4. Interview sessions may last long. You may be asked to wait. So, prepare yourself accordingly. Avoid listening to music or playing games on your cell phone during this period. The best you can do is grabbing a magazine or a newspaper, if available. Do not ask the Receptionist to hurry up the process. Remember, others are also waiting.
  5. Smile during the session. Show that you are interested and confident. Plus, nod when required, however avoid doing this excessively. Be polite and audible. Do not get distracted due to the temperature of the room or the personality of the Interviewer. Be focused, attentive, and listen carefully to each and every word.
  6. Be comfortable; however do not lean on the chair. Your back should be erect and ensure keeping your feet on the floor. Plus, do not shake legs, or play with your keys while interacting.
  7. Ensure a positive and humble end to the interview. Thank the Interviewer for his/her time. While leaving the premises express gratitude to the Receptionist. Don’t hurry and walk naturally.

We tend to focus much on our conversation with the Interviewer and overlook the non-verbal factors. You may find it interesting to know that your attitude during the entire process can even make good your knowledge and academic drawbacks. Your personality reflects whether you are an effective team player or not. Your humble conversational style leaves an impression that you are respectful to your seniors and accept feedback positively. Non-verbal factors can definitely help you win the race.

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