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You have to be the best to ensure that you surpass all your competitors. Remember, your resume is your first contact with the recruiter and face-to-face interview is the last. So, prepare hard and fetch what you want. Impress the recruiter with four A’s, your answers, attitude, attire, and alertness. To help you achieve what you aspire, some simple and need-to-follow tips are enumerated below.


The Attire-
Prior to you, your attire will make a mark. Whatever you wear (business formals are always preferred), should make you feel comfortable and be able to impress the recruiter. Well-managed and clean clothes not just reflect the attributes of your personality, but also show your sincerity towards working.

Your attitude while you are waiting-
This is definitely noticed. Stay calm and wait until you are called. Do not ask the receptionist to hurry up the process. Fill the application form neatly and comprehensively. Avoid listening to music or playing games on your cell phone. Instead, you can grad the newspaper. Sit in an attentive posture. If you need to attend a call, ensure that your voice is low.

Interaction with the Interviewer-
Clarity and relevant answers are the keys. Respect the Interviewer and do not interrupt. Plus, answer what is asked. Do not elaborate unnecessarily. Smile. This can surely enhance your chances to be selected. Show that you are interested in the conversation. You can laugh a little, in case the Interviewer does so.

What to say-
Be honest. You can tell the Interviewer how your association can benefit the organization. However, support this with relevant examples. You can explain how your current organization secured a project and the vital role you played. Tell your achievements and rewards you received. You can also tell what makes you better than the others when it comes to delivering finest results in tough conditions.

What not to say-
Don’t be ironical. Statements like “You can be sure of zero percent retrenchment if I join you as a Human Resource Manager” do no favor. Instead, be realistic. Never use inferior words about your previous/present employer. Plus, do not get carried away. Stick to what is written in your resume. Also, avoid colloquial speech and interact in a professional manner.

A perfect end-
Thank the Interviewer for his/her time. If you are asked to wait, do so calmly. In case you are selected, say that you are grateful for this opportunity. However, if you are rejected or asked to leave without the results been declared, show your gratitude and never forget to thank the receptionist.

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