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Pull up your socks and get ready to portray your capabilities with relevant past actions. Let’s understand the concept of Behavioral Interviews. A candidate’s past action can predict the future performance. The entire methodology of a behavioral interview depends on this perception. Answers during such interview sessions must be backed up by illustrations.

Getting prepared

Leaving a positive and lasting impression on the Interviewer can be challenging. Preparation can certainly boost confidence and can help fetch the dream job. Preparing for a behavioral interview involves re-gathering the activities and tasks performed in the past. Remember, candidates appearing in an interview for their first job can be asked questions related to challenges faced during acquiring academic knowledge and the steps taken to overcome them.

Recall the responsibilities of your past job. Think of situations when you made quick decisions and secured success. Also, recall instances when you were asked to deliver more and the ways you adopted to achieve success. Winning a conversation with a tough client, retaining a sub-ordinate, achieving targets during adverse market conditions, and proving your team spirit can be perfect instances.

How to answer?

Interviewer during Behavioral Interview would ask for detailed answers with realistic past experiences. Confidence will be the key to victory. Quite often, you may come across questions for which you would not have any pre-thought answers. Imagine the situation and frame your answer keeping in mind that you sound practical and honest. While replying, make a note of your words so as to ensure that you do not stretch. Lastly, reflect your positive attitude and team spirit while interacting during such sessions.

Enumerated below are some questions that are frequently asked by the Interviewer during Behavioral Interview sessions.

  1. Did you ever fall into a conflict with your Manager? If yes, how did you handle the situation?
  2. Tell about your transition from school to college life. Did you come across any problems? How did you manage to overcome them?
  3. Were you declined a leave when you wanted it dreadfully? What was your reaction?
  4. Tell us about the project you worked for while with your previous employer. What were the challenges?
  5. Was there any instance when you tried to cheat on your co-worker to reflect your superiority?
  6. Did you ever manage to convert dissatisfied consumer to a happy one? If yes, describe the situation.
  7. Did you come across a situation when you felt that you are being under rated among other employees? Tell us what you did then.
  8. Were you ever threatened of losing your job due to low productivity? If yes, what was your stake?
  9. Did you receive any reward which you thought you did not deserve? If yes, tell us more about the same.
  10. Tell us about the goal that you set, however were unable to accomplish.

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