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A process, the end result of which, helps identifying the training and development needs of employees. The benefits include updating skills so as to ensure optimum productivity. Skill Matrix can be viewed as an effective measure that categorizes gaps in the skills which the employee should possess to render best possible productivity and the skills actually possessed.

Remember, different job profiles require distinct skills to deliver the expected results. For instance, entrepreneurs and top-level executives should possess more of conceptual skills for efficient planning, and budgeting rather than technical skills which are the prime requisite for bottom-level managers. Though specialized skills vary with the level of the position in the organizational structure, attributes like leadership, communication skills, public speaking skills, and motivation skills are looked for in every employee.

Essentials for an effective Skill Matrix module

Though the internal elements are distinct for every role/position in a business, the basic steps involved in preparing an inclusive and valuable Skill Matrix are the same. Enumerated below are the guidelines that you would need to focus on.

Identification of distinctive roles and responsibilities of the team members-

We suggest preparing a Skill Matrix on a Microsoft Excel sheet so as to harmonize all the elements. The first element is the tasks that team members should possess for an efficient discharge of their responsibilities. For instance, every member of the Sales team must be proficient in communicating with prospective customers, preparing reports, handling an enquiry, presenting services, managing records, and identifying potential market. Post identifying the tasks, you can list these in the first row of the MS Excel sheet. Mentioned-below are some sources from where this data can be collected.

  1. Probe the team members in a group meeting so as to identify key skills for the role.
  2. You can refer to the internal documents developed by the Human Resource team unfolding the responsibilities of your team.
  3. Even the external sources can be of much help. Try identifying the skills possessed by the same department of the competitor.
  4. Now take into consideration the new skills that are the demand of the market. For instance, the latest technological modifications may ask for swift upgrading of skills.


This is the most eminent part of the Skill Matrix. You would need to identify the member/s of the team who are proficient in the skills recognized at the first stage of preparing the Matrix. Now, the outcomes would depict the number of team members who would need to be trained. The first column of the MS Excel sheet should represent the names of the team members. Below every task mentioned the first row, you can use a cross for the members who do not require training. For ease, you can also execute this step with the help of colors like Red, Amber, and Green, wherein Red would represent ‘Training not required’, Amber would represent ‘Part training required’, and Green would represent ‘Training required’.

The Coding process needs effective care. The foremost being allocation of a realistic number of members in the ‘Training required’ region. Market and competitors wouldn’t leave a scope of directing a large number of members to the training schedules. Plus, remember that the preposition would change with the modification in the taste of customers, market strategy, and many more alike factors.

Assessment of members during the training and post the training session-

Remember, humans are resistive to changes. Employees very rarely try to adapt to new modifications. To ensure that you gain from this exercise, plan a motivating and participative training session. Plus, assess the members being trained on various parameters to recognize the overall efficiency. Post training, a feedback session would help identifying the accomplishment of the Skill Matrix module. The feedback session should explore-

  1. Whether or not the training needs of members effectively met?
  2. Would the members be able to apply the new skills in practical situations?
  3. Whether the time, money, and efforts been invested in a constructive process?
  4. What changes can enhance the competence of the training module?

Yes, we can help.

We help organizations to implement effective and profitable Skill Matrix module. You would agree with the fact that your business will prosper swiftly when all the employees possess skills demanded by the responsibility they handle. We assist businesses to analyze distinctive job positions and know what skill sets are required to fetch maximum productivity. The process involves recognizing the market trend, consumers’ preferences, and technological advancements. The employee is assessed on the basis of skill set he/she holds, post which the relative differences are recognized.

A comprehensive report is prepared and discussed with the employee and the reporting manager. Prime emphasis is laid on helping the employee understand how he/she can increase the productivity by upgrading skills. Motivating the employees to acquire new skills is the next step. Now, when it is ensured that every employee of the organization has attained the skills required for performing his responsibilities with utmost efficiency, the growth and opulence of the business is also sure.

Why to approach us?

Our experts have successfully implemented the Skill Matrix module in businesses. We understand that motivation plays the most vital role. Employees are motivated to upgrade skills and ensure that they remain acquainted with the latest technological modifications. The experts interact with the employees to help them understand that the motive is not just to secure maximum efficiency for the business, but also to make the employee stand tough in the competitive environment.

Skill Matrix has helped businesses to secure profit and sales maximization by ensuring that the people employed know what exactly is looked for from them. Plus, employees are enthusiastic when they realize that their knowledge and competence are inline with the ever-evolving business conditions.

Depicted above is an uncomplicated Skill Matrix for the Sales team of an enterprise. You can make modifications to the table with reference to the requisites of your business.

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