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Staffing, which was considered as a function of management in the past years, is now a distinct function involving extreme dedication and research. From effective recruitment and selection to proper training, development and appraisal, staffing function demands specialization and talent to recognize the true ability. Enumerated below are the three essentials that are to be considered while framing the Hiring Policy for any business.

Constructive and defined hiring process-

The policy of hiring new employees must be apparent and definite. You can expect satisfactory results in the end when the roles and responsibilities of the department are defined. Pre-requisites like interview questions, scrutiny of resumes, tasks of interviewers, and adequate backups must be in place. For every position, the interview test questions must be framed in advance, however these can be updated after a regular interval.

The top-level management must lay down procedures and regulations of the hiring policy of the business. Plus, any deviations from the expected outcomes must be noted and relevant changes must be incorporated in the policy. An effective strategy – You must forecast the expected outcomes of the hiring process so that a well-established strategy can be implemented. Answers to the below-mentioned questioned must be unambiguous.

  • What is the Hiring Policy of the business?
  • To whom shall a department approach when in need of expansion of workforce?
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of the recruitment department?
  • What are the guidelines to consider a candidate?
  • Who shall make the final decision?
  • Which department would report the inefficiency of the current Hiring Policy?
  • Who is authorized to modify the Hiring Policy?

Pre-defined Budget-

To prosper in today’s enormously competitive environment, businesses must have defined budgets for every department. Being an employer, you must look forward to designing a policy that can prove cost-efficient. You may either hire Human Resource personnel who can dedicatedly focus on recruiting candidates for the available employment opportunities, or you can hire the services of consultants who will not only procure candidates but will also assist in executing the end-to-end hiring process.

Whatever you opt; make sure that the allocated budget is not exceeded. Phone interviews can readily help saving money. Rather than calling candidates for an in-person interaction, the operations manager can conduct an interview over the phone. Not much of Human Resource support staff is required in this process.

Analysis of the outcomes-

Hiring is a continuous process. Remedial steps shall be initiated without delay to overcome the bottlenecks. The answers to questions like ‘Was the recruitment process time efficient?’, ‘Does the selected candidate possess the credentials that were looked for?’, ‘Has the company benefited from the association of previously recruited employees’, and ‘Does the cost of recruitment exceed the allocated budget?’ will assist in making modifications to the existing Hiring Policy.

Plus, the Human Resource personnel must preserve crucial information like candidates interviewed but not selected, candidates who did not turn up for the interview session, candidates who can be looked for during future employment opportunities, and candidates who rejected the company’s offer. Plus, feedback must be conveyed to candidates who are not selected.

Yes, we can help.

Empowering you to possess the most competent personnel, we endeavor your triumph and firm market standing. We identify the inimitable requirements of every sector and deliver the finest results. What makes us capable? We understand that manpower is the key factor in the success of any organization. Machines and technology though play a vital role, however people are the prime source of creativity and buoyancy. Recognizing this, we provide end-to-end Human Resource solutions helping you to focus on your business development and expansion plans.

The process of hiring involves:

Planning of Manpower-

We assist you in estimating the size of your present as well as future manpower needs. Plus, your organizational structure is taken care of and positions are defined accordingly. Responsibilities of every role are pre-determined so as to procure people swiftly.

Recruiting -

You may call this as the backbone of our entire staffing process which involves securing competent and qualified applicants for the position. An exhaustive list of candidates is prepared prior to the selection and placement of the most appropriate contender.

Selection -

Applicants are evaluated on the basis of their past experience and academic knowledge. Your preferences are taken well care of. We assess candidates on factors like stability, modesty, compatibility, and aspiration for learning and upgrading skills.

Development and Appraisal -

To secure efficiency of operation and optimum profitability of your business, we focus on the training and development of the personnel. Plus, periodical evaluation of employees’ performance is carried out to ensure a satisfactory and honest performance-appraisal process.

We follow an effective mechanism by assigning different tasks to specialized staff. A team of our professionals collaborates with the client to understand the job profile and credentials being looked for. A separate team performs an extensive search to match the criteria with suitable candidates and a short interview is conducted to narrow the list. Post this, we focus on assessing the candidates on attributes like stability, motivation, adaptability, and acceptability to feedback. The best suitable candidate is selected and the process is finalized when the client approves the selection.

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