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Sincere and steadfast background check of your men at work is uncomplicated when you hire our services. Ranging from the credentials mentioned in the application to distinctive legal compliances, our parameters for the check are adaptable to the demands of the clients. Plus, we are affordable. Recognizing the fact that Businesses must invest less in securing competent workforce, we restrict the price of our services so as to cater to the needs of every small and large business.


Foremost Parameters for background check


We begin the process by making sure that the personal information provided by the candidate in the job application is true. Present and permanent address, Social Security Number, credentials of guardians, work permit (legal permission to serve any employer in the country), and basic self details (name and date of birth) are the prime areas of focus. Apart from these, unique demands of the client are taken care of with due diligence.


Most often, the candidates mention the names, hierarchal positions, and contact numbers of professional references. We ensure that these are legitimate and dependable. The precise place of working and relationship with the candidate are identified, post which it is ascertained that the references are capable of defining the abilities of the candidate.

Report on the behavior of the candidate from past employer

Every attempt is made to prevent the workplace of our clients from violence and disobedience. Past employers of the candidate are approached via emails/personal visit to explore about the attitude of the candidate towards work. Discussion also focuses on the fact whether the candidate was involved in any physical violence or act of subordination.

Work Experience

Quite often, the candidates are tempted to fetching high salary/position. Untrue experience details are supplied to the new employer so as to enhance the probability of being selected. Exact dates of employment with the previous employer/s are confirmed along with the details of any promotions and salary increments during the work tenure.


Contact is established with the School/University of the candidate to make sure that the details of academic qualifications as provided in the job application match with the original data. Plus, the grades secured and recognitions awarded during the course of study are matched with the information in the application of the candidate.

Criminal Records

Local police stations are visited so as to fetch any details related to prior conviction/s or infraction/s of the candidate. Facts related to any previous attempt of fraud, violence, sexual abuse, and deviation from adhering to state laws are communicated to the employer without delay.

Why us?

The Experts respect the time and money of the employers. Plus, we understand the vitality of legitimate/illegitimate facts mentioned by the candidate in the job application. Businesses prosper only when right number of men, with right set of qualifications, are employed at the right place. We make every attempt to ensure that the candidate has displayed a true picture while applying for the position. With us, Businesses can be assured of the success of the candidate while delivering the responsibilities. Thus, expansion of business and utmost productivity can be expected.

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