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Be it a book on Personnel Management or a lecture on Human Resource Strategies, the workforce of any Business is the heart of the subject. Acquiring competent employees and assigning them the tasks that they can perform in the best possible manner are the initial aspects of Personnel Management. Businesses run with a motive to adapt to newly emerging technology so as to ensure uninterrupted profits. Employees, therefore, remain inseparable part in an organizational structure.


Now, when we understand the vitality of workforce, it is necessary that Businesses adopt an effective module to ensure that employees stay for long. Is it that easy? Competitors and upcoming ventures make every attempt to attract the workforce of a Business with lucrative pays and allowances.

In case the below-mentioned questions succeed to make you utter ‘Yes’, the following paragraphs will be of great help.

  1. Are men the most integral part of any Business?
  2. Should Businesses follow strategies to retain men?
  3. Work experience enhances the efficiency of the employee?
  4. Employees who are associated with the Business for long are comparatively more productive and require less guidance?

Enumerated below are some Employee Retention measures that can certainly help Businesses to get hold of the loyalty of the workforce for a longer duration.

Perfect beginning:

Hiring the right person for accomplishing the responsibilities is the foremost measure. The Human Resource team should make every attempt to match the skills and academic background of the candidate with the job responsibilities. When an employee knows the procedure, satisfaction is assured. Else, continuous failures affect the morale and interest to perform the task.

Recognition of talent:

Monthly Rewards and Recognition programs definitely boost the morale of employees and the ones who secure rewards are motivated to deliver much more in the upcoming months. Care, however, should be taken while assessing the performance of the employees so as to eradicate dissatisfaction.

Engagement Programs:

Contests among distinct departments, social welfare programs, and team outs are certainly the most proven strategies. Prior to implementing any of such schemes, employees must be heard and suggestions should be appreciated. Remember, allowing employees to bring along their close relatives in the Annual Day Function infuses a spirit of belongingness.

Proper mechanism of being heard:

Disputes are likely to arise at places of work. Hence, the Management must take adequate care to put into place a mechanism that can enhance communication and sharing of thoughts. A well-defined organizational structure must be in place so as to help the employees knowing the point of contact while communicating barriers in working.

Appraisal Policy:

Let the employee know and validate the performance for the last quarter/year. Effective appraisal program facilitates the development of employees. Plus, productive employees are recognized and promoted to higher levels. Transparency and unbiased reviews are the two pillars of the appraisal module.

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