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My verdict, about the function Manpower planning, is apparent. Businesses need people to carry out the tasks ranging from top-level managerial functions to the workers forming a part of the production process. Now, what actually should be a comprehensive manpower planning module? I suggest a module that effectively helps in determining the present needs and estimating the future needs of manpower in the organization. The module should also depict a clear picture of how the organization can move from current manpower position to the desired manpower position.

What is the optimum personnel specification in any business? My answer to this question would be the right number and the right kind of people, at the right place, handling tasks for which they are best suited. Though businesses can run their operational wing without the implementation of a defined manpower planning module, the benefits of this module cannot be underestimated. My following statements would definitely make you aware of the advantages.

Above all, a result-oriented manpower planning module enables the business to cope up with the ever-changing competitive forces, technology, market and consumer interests, and product line. To recognize the changes in the job contents, skill demands, and the number of people at work due to fluctuations in the above factors, proper manpower planning is the only way out. To summarize, personnel needs of the business are vague and ambiguous in the absence of this module.

I would also speak about some of the activities that should be a part of the manpower planning. The primary is forecasting the upcoming manpower requirements in terms of quality as well as quantity. Post this, assessment of present resources should be done, which must be followed by planning the structure of selection, training, and compensation for the future manpower requirements.

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