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Subject Line – A glimpse of what’s inside
Be creative but do not forget the purpose of writing. You will agree with the fact that we all missed Subject Lines during the starting phase. However, this is unacceptable and strictly unprofessional. A blank subject line represents your laid back attitude and is unable to fetch attention. Your email can be completely ignored in case you are a stranger to the receiver. You cannot afford this.

So, prior to writing the content, frame an appropriate Subject Line in your mind and ensure not leaving the space blank. Mentioned below are some tips to convince the receiver with an effective Subject Line -

Keep it precise and informative-
Do not frame a complete sentence. Sentence construction parameters can be ignored here. However, ensure being relevant. “Application for PHP Developer position – Job Id TN271” is a perfect example. You will ruin the same by writing “Please consider my application for the post of PHP Developer”.

Be meaningful-
If you thing that catchy and interesting Subject Line would do it for you, you are wrong. An ideal Subject Line is a hint to the receiver about the content in the email. Writing “Increase your turnover by 400%” would be an irony. Instead, you can write “Simple ways to increase your sales turnover”.

Do not reflect that you are not interested-
Subject Lines like “Please read”, “For your information” are meaningless. This reflects that you weren’t interested or was in a hurry while sending. You may spoil the future business relationship you may have with the receiver.

Use the same Subject Line when replying-
The best way to reply to the same sender is to use the initial Subject Line. The Sender would definitely be expecting a reply and would recognize your email swiftly if it bears the same Subject Line.

Not every alphabet needs to be in bold-
“MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON 2 FEB” is unethical. Bold letters are like shouting in a conversation. Ensure writing the Subject Line in running letters (Minutes of meeting held on 2 Feb).

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