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One of the most significant parts of an email where most of us make mistakes. To impress the receiver and convince him/her to read it, you have to be perfect. Plus, errors in salutation may even ruin your professional relationship with the receiver. Imagine receiving an email saying “Dear Mr. Patricia” when in reality you are Miss Patricia. You wouldn’t ignore this, definitely.

So, when the start of the conversation has annoyed the receiver, forget convincing him/her later. Mentioned below are some tips regarding Salutation in emails you should strictly follow-

  • First and foremost – Never misspell the name. When you know the name of the person to whom you are replying, an error in the spelling shows how much inattentive and unconcerned you are.
  • Last name with Mr./Ms. etc. – When you are writing to Paul Thomson, say “Dear Mr. Thomson”. Else, you may also write “Dear Paul” when Paul is your subordinate or is a friend of yours.
  • If not known, do not assume the marital status of a female receiver – You can hurt the female named Kim Stella by addressing her “Dear Mrs. Stella”, however Kim is an unmarried High School student. Instead use “Ms.” in such cases to reflect your professionalism.
  • When confused about the gender of the receiver, like “Joy Smith” – Be conscious and spend a minute or two to confirm. You can visit the company’s website or call them to confirm how you should address Joy Smith in an email you are sending.
  • Writing to Doctors and other professionals – Ensure addressing Dr. Christine Hodge as “Dear Dr. Hodge”. Gender of the receiver doesn’t make a difference here.
  • When you don’t know the name of the receiver – Simply use “Dear Sir / Madam”. “To whom it may concern” lacks professionalism and is used when addressing a public message.

Remember using the most appropriate Salutation while drafting an email. You cannot afford to upset the reader in the very beginning. Ensure impressing the receiver by following the Salutation norms and extracting a long-term business relationship.

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