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When you devote your time to drafting an email, ensure that you are paid likely. Drafting emails and convincing the receiver to go through the entire content is not that simple task. Parameters of professional email writing are to be strictly followed. Plus, when emails are the most common channel of communication today, eminence cannot be compromised.


Mentioned below are some quick tips to be followed-

The Do’s-

Place yourself in the receiver’s shoes –
Think what the receiver would expect from your message. Time is precious and your email has to prove worthy. Sending irrelevant content risks your reputation and you are most likely to be ignored next time.

Be polite –
The receiver may delete your email after reading the first line if you do not sound courteous. Write in a tone in which you want the others to write. Plus, showing respect reflects your calm and stable personality.

Choose an ethical username –
You definitely cannot expect a business proposal from “ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ”. Remember, your username reflects your individuality and fetches much of the attention of the receiver.

Write a perfect and relevant Subject Line –
The receiver should get a glimpse of your mail message content. A perfect Subject Line should be precise and relevant. Try to be illustrative and stay as close as possible to the reason of sending the mail message.

Send receipt confirmations –
Reflect your professionalism. Tell the Sender that you have received his/her email and the directions will be followed. Keep such replies crisp. Plus, do not change the initial Subject Line and start with, ‘I am writing in reference to the below mail’, or ‘Thank you for your email’.

Sign off properly and use comprehensive signature –
Depending on the relationship you have with the receiver, sign off in an appropriate manner. “Yours sincerely”, and “Yours faithfully” can be used in strictly formal mail messages while “Take Care”, and “Wish you luck” can be used while writing to co-workers. Plus, give relevant details like Skype Id, and contact number in your Signature.

The Don’ts-

Don’t write in a way you speak –
Language plays a critical role in mail messages. You cannot compromise on sentence constructions and grammar. Ensure that the flow of your content convinces the reader to go through the entire mail.

Don’t delay while replying –
You can miss opportunities if you are lazy. Check your mailbox after specified intervals to ensure that your competitors do not get an edge by sending prompt proposals. However, take time while drafting your message. Imprecise message would not serve any purpose.

Don’t be in a hurry, check what you are sending –
You may forget attaching files, or answering all the questions asked in the original message of the Sender. Plus, you may mess up with the language. To prevent these, proof-read your content, the email address of the receiver/s, and the file/s attached.

Don’t send vague messages –
Writing ‘Will be done’ would serve no purpose. The content should be informative and should assure that the receiver does not have to send an email again for clarifications. Give complete information and try to be proactive, however do not end up writing irrelevant matter.

Don’t use acronyms –
Avoid using phrases like ‘PFA’, and ‘FYI’. Your language speaks a lot about your personality. Hence, write complete words to ensure leaving a positive mark.

Do not command –
Instead of writing ‘Send me the minutes of meeting’, you can opt saying ‘Please can you send me the minutes of meeting’. Your words represent your tone. Hence, make sure that the receiver entertains your mail message rather than trying to avoid it.

Don’t click ‘Reply to all’ unless required –
Ensure that you are replying to right people. You may end up sharing confidential information with your subordinates, or sharing your negative thoughts about your Boss, in case you click ‘Reply to all’.

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