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email etiquetteWriting an email is not that easy task. Especially when drafting professional emails. Apart from language and sentence construction, parameters like salutation, appropriate subject line, flow of paragraphs, and tone need to be taken care of. Remember, your email speaks on your behalf. So, be sure of leaving an effective and lasting impression on the recipient/s. Plus, understand that different ways of communication have distinct ways of presentation which need to be followed to create an impact. Enumerated below are the points you should focus on while sending an email -

Keep it short yet informative -
Write valuable information so that the recipient reads the entire message.

Ideal Subject line -
Do not ever miss on this. The Subject line should express a clear hint of the message inside.

Send a quick reply -
While replying, be sure of being swift. Your proposal may be rejected even without being read because your competitors were more prompt in responding.

Proof-read prior to sending -
Don’t let your promptness ruin the impact of your email. Check the content twice to be sure of sending the appropriate information.

Ensure replying in a polite tone and with history -
“Please could you send the sample by 2pm” is better than “Send sample by 2pm”. Also, let the recipient know that his email has been received. You may keep the Subject line same.

‘To’ and ‘Cc’ are for your use -
Make sure that you use these properly. For instance, ‘To’ can be your co-worker and ‘Cc’ can be your reporting Manager.

Do not forget attachments -
Very often we forget attaching the files. To skip this, attach files prior to drafting the content.

Avoid being ironic -
Be real and honest. Don’t use phrases like, “You did it. Really!”.

Keep it virus-free -
You can afford an anti-virus. Then why risk damaging recipients’ computer with unwanted viruses.

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